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30th Annual Irish Heritage Feis

June 11, 2023 | Canton, MA

The feis is closed and no late entries can be accepted. If you were unable to register, we appreciate your interest in our feis and hope to see you next year. Thank you to the nearly 600 competitors who will be joining us!

Irish Heritage Feis: Text

Stage Schedule

Stages 1-4 are in the tent

Irish Heritage Feis: About Us

Stages 5 & 6 are in the building

STAGE ONE (1).png
Irish Heritage Feis: About Us

More Information & Reminders

The feis will be held at the Irish Cultural Centre at 200 New Boston Drive in Canton, MA.

Please print out competitor numbers at home - there will be no numbers available at the feis.

Please be at your stage 30 minutes before scheduled time.

Prelim and open will start with hard shoe.

Results for pre beginners/beginners/advanced beginners/novices/prizewinners/teams will be posted on the back of the building.

Awards for all competitions will be given out behind the building.

There will be food and drink for sale at the feis.

There will be vendors there selling shoes, socks, wigs, bling, etc...

Stages 1-4 are in the tent. Stages 5 & 6 are in the building; stage 5 is downstairs and stage 6 is upstairs.

Again there will be no competitor numbers at the feis - please print them out at home.

If you have any questions, please email Lisa at

We can't wait to see everyone for a great feis Sunday June 11th at the ICC!

Irish Heritage Feis: List


Andy O'Riley - Ireland
Sheila Cloherty Reilly - Massachusetts
Michelle Greene - Scotland
Kerry Kelly Oster - New York
Katherine Dean - California
Nancy Devine Reny - Massachusetts
Joanie Cass - New York
Billy Maple - Maryland
Breda O'Brien - Massachusetts
Marnie Maple - Maryland

Irish Heritage Feis: Opening Hours

Feis Syllabus

Below is our syllabus for your reference.

Irish Heritage Feis: Files


Mary Devlin
Head for the World

Irish Heritage Feis: Opening Hours
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