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30th Annual Irish Heritage Feis

June 11, 2023 | Canton, MA

We have decided to waive all late fees for our feis! NO entries can be accepted after June 1st, so do not delay in registering.

We are excited to be offering ceili competitions and preliminary second chance competitions. 

Irish Heritage Feis: Text

Feis Syllabus

Entries are now open on FeisWeb and will close June 1st.

Irish Heritage Feis: Files


Andy O'Riley - Ireland
Sheila Cloherty Reilly - Massachusetts
Michelle Greene - Scotland
Kerry Kelly Oster - New York
Katherine Dean - California
Nancy Devine Reny - Massachusetts
Joanie Cass - New York
Billy Maple - Maryland
Breda O'Brien - Massachusetts
Marnie Maple - Maryland

Irish Heritage Feis: Opening Hours


Mary Devlin
Head for the World

Irish Heritage Feis: Opening Hours
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